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Networking and events play an important part in our continued professional development but it's important not to forget the value of doing work that we love. Powered by Indeed, the MFL Jobs Board will feature Texas-based jobs at every experience level and covering different industries. MFL members will receive featured hot listings first in our weekly "For Members Only" newsletter. Employers and brands can post their current listings for FREE. For Featured Listings or to be include your listing in our weekly [...]

Energize Your Passion with Positivity

STACY CALDWELL My Passion: Social Innovation, CEO, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation   My Advice: If you want to find your passion, find the things in life that give you the most energy! I never really knew what I wanted to do as a career, and though growing up I was interested in many different things, none of them fit within a specific vocation.  In fact, this conundrum endured through my first several years as a professional and continued until I learned to [...]