Our Community

The My Forward Life community includes:

MY FORWARD LIFE: Formed in 2012, My Forward Life ™ is a community that was initially created to bring together female entrepreneurs and career-focused women in an intimate and unique way. As we have expanded in size, our mission has as well. MFL is now on a targeted mission to not only host fabulous events, but to also serve as a professional development resource for Texas women specifically.

My Forward Life hosts two signature events each year; Clarity in the spring and The Glow Summit in the fall.

My Forward Life events are open to any woman that would like to attend. For additional information or to inquire about sponsorship. info@myforwardlife.com.

THE ZEAL ELITE: Zeal is the only elite global search engine designed to connect passionate, game changing women around the world. It is a stylish directory that also serves as a worldwide marketplace for influential women and brands to connect and engage with one another in meaningful collaborations.

Zeal truly is the next era of personal branding and professional development for career women.

For more information or to apply for membership: www.thezealelite.com