Countdown To 2016: Why Success Is Overrated

Countdown To 2016: Why Success Is Overrated

Have you ever seen a piece of cake (or steak for meat lovers) and imagined how good that first bite would be only to be completely shocked and disappointed that the first taste didn’t measure up to your expectations?

Or maybe you met someone online and your offline expectations weren’t met?

Ok just me huh lol?

When I was a little girl, I had a very clear vision of what success would look like thanks to my parents, awesome teachers and mentors; it was supposed to look like Claire Huxtable’s life on The Cosby Show. Things would fall into place and they would be fabulous and just make sense. 

I would also receive some sort of signal too. So I would know when it had arrived.

I’ve quickly discovered success is nothing like any of these things. I thought it would feel comfy, easy, like my favorite slippers. Success was supposed to make everything right; get rid of all of my problems and provide answers to the aspects of my life that didn’t make sense.

It didn’t do any of these things.

Any success that I have achieved so far has come when life seemed to be the most chaotic; it was during some of my most challenging times when I was deemed successful by others.

2015 was a year filled with lessons; both amazing and incredibly tough. Would I call it a fabulous year? Not by my standards. But within the last month, I’ve received several congrats from friends and colleagues on my amazing year. I of course thanked them graciously but each time I received the positive words of affirmations I had to stop and reflect back. Yes, there were lots of positive milestones this year (awards, launches, great events) but when you’ve got your head down, giving everything you’ve got, success is truly the last thing on your mind.

I say this not to discount having big goals for your career or business. I think that’s very important. But as you take a look back at your 2015, I would ask you to ponder one thing: if success is the primary thing driving  your career or business, I believe you’ll get burned out or eventually feel unsatisfied. Why? Well after all of these years in business for myself but also working in corporate, I believe that success is an external thing. It’s great for others to consider you successful but it’s fleeting and not a true motivation because it’s based on others. True achievement is an inside job and not dependent on others. You sincerely have to possess a passion for what you do and truly believe you have a purpose at your job or in your business or with your blog. As a classic overachiever, it’s taken many years to understand this

I am the first person to admit I love recognition and accolades for a job well done. It feels great to be appreciated by your peers. But it’s not what drives me anymore. When you have sincerely identified your purpose, the very thing you’re supposed to be doing on this planet, success is something that sneaks up on you. It’s not something you’re looking for as you have a much bigger mission to fulfill.

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