Forward Women

Energize Your Passion with Positivity

STACY CALDWELL My Passion: Social Innovation, CEO, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation   My Advice: If you want to find your passion, find the things in life that give you the most energy! I never really knew what I wanted to do as a career, and though growing up I was interested in many different things, none of them fit within a specific vocation.  In fact, this conundrum endured through my first several years as a professional and continued until I learned to [...]

The Power of Passionate Volunteerism

YVONNE CRUM My Passion: Fundraising & Event Planning, The Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas My Advice:  I believe so strongly in the power of volunteerism, because it saved my life.  After my son Paul Crum was killed in an auto accident in 1997, I actually didn't think I'd ever breathe again. But I did, with the help of others, and I went on to discover my passion after friends encouraged me to get back to doing what I do [...]

How I Discovered My Passion

Lisa Moore My Passion: Senior Vice-President of Marketing & Operations, FLUENT My Advice: Never forget that even the tiniest things might change your life or the lives of others. My pivotal moment actually consisted of two seemingly small elements – an ad for a hostess position and a glowing restaurant review, both spotted while casually perusing the Dallas Morning News. The ad was simple, reading, “Hostess needed. Must be smart, friendly, and love people and service. Call 214.XXX.XXXX.” I wasn’t even looking [...]