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Finding Clarity & Joy: Introducing Executive Coach Joy Schwartz

With clarity comes purpose... It's that time again! Time for MFL's signature spring event, CLARITY. But this year's event has a small twist. For the first time ever, we're hosting a retreat and we've invited some really amazing people to join us on a mission to inject a little more wellness, positive vibes and vision into our daily lives.  The Clarity Retreat is for anyone who's in need of some major rest & relaxation. Or if a professional reset is needed [...]

The Importance of Not Settling

When the news hit that George Clooney got married, you would have thought that the world was ending. I remember getting a panicked call from a girlfriend of mine asking, "Did you hear the horrible news!!!???" I legitimately thought something had happened to her or her family. "George Clooney got married. And she's not even all that cute." Not cute? Yeah ok. #ByeFelicia I'm being a little hard on my friend, who's name isn't Felicia lol. It was sort of [...]

Countdown To 2016: Why Success Is Overrated

Have you ever seen a piece of cake (or steak for meat lovers) and imagined how good that first bite would be only to be completely shocked and disappointed that the first taste didn't measure up to your expectations? Or maybe you met someone online and your offline expectations weren't met? Ok just me huh lol? When I was a little girl, I had a very clear vision of what success would look like thanks to my parents, awesome teachers and mentors; [...]

5 Power Decisions for Women to Make in 2015

2014 has just seemed to have flown by. I sometimes wish time would slow down a little but on the other hand, I believe 2015 is going to be an amazing year. Especially for women. In numerology,  the number 1 is often translated to represent ambition, leadership, intelligence and energy. The number 5 is Mercury, the planet of business and finance. When you add the two together you get 6, a very romantic number as it symbolizes Venus the planet [...]

Putting Passion in the Driver’s Seat

CANDICE QUARLES My Passion: Servant Leader; President, Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals My Advice: Do something. Right now! Analysis paralysis is the reason so many talented people are stalled, because if you wait long enough you can find something wrong with any idea.  My story began in 2007, when I packed up my Jeep and trusty MapQuest for the drive from St. Louis, Missouri, to Dallas, Texas. I had one good interview suit, my college sweats, a television, and a [...]

Planting the Seeds for a Prosperous and Passionate Season This Year

SHON GABLES   My Passion: Journalist, Motivational Speaker My Advice: As a first generation high school graduate and the first in my family to pursue a career path, I can say with absolute certainty that if you’re bold enough to use your God-given talents, dare to believe God's promises, and refuse to quit when your path veers into incredibly uncomfortable territory, success will not only chase you down but will also turn your journey into a testimony with which to help others. [...]