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Putting Passion in the Driver’s Seat

CANDICE QUARLES My Passion: Servant Leader; President, Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals My Advice: Do something. Right now! Analysis paralysis is the reason so many talented people are stalled, because if you wait long enough you can find something wrong with any idea.  My story began in 2007, when I packed up my Jeep and trusty MapQuest for the drive from St. Louis, Missouri, to Dallas, Texas. I had one good interview suit, my college sweats, a television, and a [...]

Planting the Seeds for a Prosperous and Passionate Season This Year

SHON GABLES   My Passion: Journalist, Motivational Speaker My Advice: As a first generation high school graduate and the first in my family to pursue a career path, I can say with absolute certainty that if you’re bold enough to use your God-given talents, dare to believe God's promises, and refuse to quit when your path veers into incredibly uncomfortable territory, success will not only chase you down but will also turn your journey into a testimony with which to help others. [...]

Energize Your Passion with Positivity

STACY CALDWELL My Passion: Social Innovation, CEO, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation   My Advice: If you want to find your passion, find the things in life that give you the most energy! I never really knew what I wanted to do as a career, and though growing up I was interested in many different things, none of them fit within a specific vocation.  In fact, this conundrum endured through my first several years as a professional and continued until I learned to [...]

The Power of Passionate Volunteerism

YVONNE CRUM My Passion: Fundraising & Event Planning, The Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas My Advice:  I believe so strongly in the power of volunteerism, because it saved my life.  After my son Paul Crum was killed in an auto accident in 1997, I actually didn't think I'd ever breathe again. But I did, with the help of others, and I went on to discover my passion after friends encouraged me to get back to doing what I do [...]

Don’t Confuse Excellence with Perfection

Reverend Gerald Britt, Jr. My Passion: Vice-President of Public Policy & Workforce Development, CitySquare  My Advice: Don't confuse excellence with perfection. The latter is unachievable; the former can be infused into whatever you are doing, everyday. Use your passion to become a lifelong learner. I preached my first sermon when I was 18 years old, and 40 years later, that is my master passion. At that point, I wanted to become the pastor of my own church, and though it [...]

How I Discovered My Passion

Lisa Moore My Passion: Senior Vice-President of Marketing & Operations, FLUENT My Advice: Never forget that even the tiniest things might change your life or the lives of others. My pivotal moment actually consisted of two seemingly small elements – an ad for a hostess position and a glowing restaurant review, both spotted while casually perusing the Dallas Morning News. The ad was simple, reading, “Hostess needed. Must be smart, friendly, and love people and service. Call 214.XXX.XXXX.” I wasn’t even looking [...]